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About Applied Flow Technology

A leader in the pipe flow modeling market, Applied Flow Technology’s (AFT) software is used to analyze, model, and simulate piping and ducting systems. Using powerful solutions and user-friendly interfaces, AFT helps industries around the world design safer, more efficient systems and solve operational problems.

AFT’s products are developed by engineers with extensive experience in the design and construction of piping systems and the development of analytical modeling methods.

For information, visit or contact one of our 70 international Channel Partners.

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Improved Method of Estimating Steam Hammer Loads

Recent research has shown that a commonly used method to estimate transient pipe forces does not reliably yield conservative predictions. As the topic of transient…

A Critique of Steam Hammer Load Analysis Methods

One of the key assumptions in modern steam hammer load analysis is based on an incomplete understanding of steam wave behavior. Compression waves generated after…

Accurately Predict Transient Fluid Forces in Piping Systems, Part 2: Applications

Part 1 of this series discussed in detail how to accurately calculate the reactions induced by pressure transients that travel at acoustic velocity in either…

Accurately Predict Transient Fluid Forces in Piping Systems, Part 1: Fundamentals

Changes in the operation of piping systems – like valve closures or pump starts – propagate pressure waves that travel at acoustic velocity throughout the…

Used to Determine Size and Cost of Condenser Water Distribution Pipes

Swanson Rink, Inc. was hired to design a new data center on the 29th floor of an existing high-rise data center in Los Angeles. See…

Wastewater Treatment Plant Resolves Downtime Issue CASE STUDY and Saves Up To $600,000 with AFT Arrow™

Brown and Caldwell were hired to design the reliability and process improvements project at a wastewater treatment plant. This plant is the linchpin of the…

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