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Cornell Pump has been producing robust, high-efficiency pumps market in Oregon since 1946, and our innovative pumps have provided unmatched value. Founded in the fertile Willamette Valley, our first pumps were for the local agricultural industry. We quickly expanded to municipal pumps, driven by the number of public works projects in the Northwest during the 1950s.

Today, we still provide pumps for the agricultural markets, as well as industrial, food processing, mining, rental, and oil/gas applications. Cornell clear liquid, solids handling, grit/slurry, food handling, and refrigeration pumps as well as vertical turbines provide the reliability and interchangeability demanded in critical applications. Cornell offers a wide range of pump models and configurations to fit into existing installations. We’ll also work with customers to create a custom system to satisfy their needs. Our technical and engineering staff is the best in the business at providing high-quality, innovative pump solutions.

Our patented Cycloseal® system allows three times longer seal life while eliminating the need for flush water—saving up to $50,000 per pump on maintenance and operation costs. Our centrifugal pumps boast efficiencies to 89%. The Cornell Co-Pilot® allows remote pump monitoring of vibration, temperature, location, engine rpm, flow, pressure, along with remote start/stop and out-of-condition warnings.

Our tagline is Efficient By Design, and we live it every day!

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