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About Dickow Pump Company

Dickow Pump Company, Inc. supplies the NAFTA trading area with metallic centrifugal pumps which have been manufactured since 1910 by Dickow Pumpen, KG in Germany.  We specialize in sealless magnetically coupled pumps where personnel, plant, and environmental safety are a critical factor in selecting equipment.

Performance ranges from more than 1600 feet of head and more than 4000 gallons per minute, temperatures from minus 120 to 752 degrees F, and pressures exceeding 1400 psi with special designs.

Standard materials of construction include ductile iron, carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex stainless steel, and Hastelloy C.  Dickow has many patents as research and development are continuous since we strive to supply the market’s never ending demand for better and more efficient products.

All company business and manufacturing processes comply with DIN/ISO 9001;2008 EN 29001.  We are a certified qualified supplier to many global chemical companies.  Industries served include chemical and petrochemical plants, tank farms, liquefied gases, plastics, automotive, ship building, pharmaceuticals, energy, engineered wood, heat transfer, mining, and anywhere that mean time between failures and total cost of ownership are a consideration.  Because performance is everything!

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