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A thorough understanding of flexible graphite is part of our core philosophy. It attracts some of the best engineering minds in the business and makes EGC truly unique. It’s having a focus on properties and capabilities and knowing its creep rate, clamping load, and its ability to seal long term in spite of temperature. It’s having a firm handle on thermal management alternatives to conventional heating elements – customized solutions that provide faster time-to-temperature, more efficient transfer of heat and more uniform heat distribution. It’s the realization of material science and the knowledge and expertise we bring to every partnership.

EGC engineers are recognized worldwide as sure-handed problem solvers. What’s more, we can assemble a team of flexible graphite application experts in the same room on short notice. Typically, they will talk with your people, investigate the possibilities, and – more often than not – be well on the road to a solution after an hour or so. In fact, we may have already invented and perfected a composite that will meet your application requirements with little to no modification.

EGC has this streamlined solutions capability for a simple reason — our long track record as a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of graphite composites for gaskets, seals, laminates and thin-film heaters used in fluid and thermal systems management. We have unparalleled depth in materials, manufacturing, and applications development. In fact, over the years EGC has developed its own line of engineered, flexible, graphite products and compounds for a variety of needs:

• Thermafoil®, a unique, high end, flexible graphite compound
• Thermacord®, a graphite or fiberglass filament twisted in flexible graphite
• Thermabraid®, a similar construction for all braided packing
• Thermashield™, for electronic or shielding materials
• Q-Foil™, thin-film heating applications

You should also know that EGC has earned its spurs serving world-class companies in aerospace, transportation, power generation, and consumer applications, including:

• B.F. Goodrich
• Caterpillar
• Fisher Controls
• General Electric
• Honeywell
• Pratt and Whitney
• US Navy

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