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Founded in 1969, Hydro Inc, is the largest independent pump rebuilder and operates with a global network of service centers. Hydro provides engineering solutions and value-added services to improve pump reliability, extend pump life, and reduce overall life cycle costs. With a strong engineering foundation and an unbiased viewpoint, Hydro approaches every repair as an opportunity for improvement in equipment design, reliability, and performance. We pride ourselves in our comprehensive documentation, adherence to high-quality standards and strict component tolerances, and commitment to customer service.

Hydro’s core business of engineered repair and field service is bolstered by a wide range of other services designed to help end users improve their operational efficiency. These services are designed to reduce the total cost of equipment ownership by addressing factors that impact equipment availability, reliability, and performance. Some examples include field testing and troubleshooting, on-demand and in-person skill development, condition monitoring, system optimization, and expedited parts supply.

In addition to our global service centers, Hydro’s Chicago headquarters also houses our Hydraulic Institute certified performance test lab and our Centaur Monitoring & Diagnostic center.

Hydro Inc Whitepapers

Discharge Recirculation

Discharge recirculation occurs when a pump is operating significantly away from its best efficiency point (BEP). The BEP is the operating point at which the angle…

Suction Recirculation

Suction recirculation is caused by flow incidence angles that are significantly dissimilar to the inlet vane geometry. The stalled area on the inlet vane produces…

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