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Load Control Using Sensing to Monitor and Protect Pumps

Just about all industrial machines or processes are driven by an electric motor.  If the Power load on the motor is monitored, valuable information is provided about what is happening inside the pump, machine or process.  Load Controls measure the Power load on motors and pumps, enabling optimized production processes, protection against costly pump failures, and improved preventative maintenance programs.

By measuring load in pumps (in Watts or Horsepower) we are able to draw the straight line between power and liquid pumped.  This information can be critical in knowing:

  • The difference between a lightly-loaded process and detecting dry running that may lead to pump failure and expensive replacement or clean up costs
  • Overload caused by a jam
  • Excessive mechanical contact or rubbing indicating a potential maintenance issue

Since 1983 Load Controls has been providing Power monitoring solutions for Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Paper, Waste Treatment, Machine Tool and other process manufacturing applications.  Our sensors and controls are in use by 9 of the 10 world’s largest chemical processing firms, and 9 of the 10 largest Pharmaceutical companies globally.  All of our products are manufactured in the USA.

Visit for more application use cases and product information, or to request a 30-day trial.

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Using Power Sensing To Monitor and Protect Pumps

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