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PSG® is the global pump solution expert, enabling safe and efficient transfer of critical and valuable fluids and materials that require optimal performance and peace of mind reliability in applications where it matters most. We feature world-class pump brands – Abaque™All-Flo™Almatec®Blackmer®Ebsray®,  em-tec, Griswold®,  Hydro®, Malema, Mouvex®NeptuneQuattroflow™, Quantex™, and Wilden® – committed to providing the market expertise you need by delivering innovative technologies that will positively impact the world within key vertical markets, including hygienic, chemical, energy and more. In addition, our “One Company, One Customer” philosophy means you will receive the same level of service and quality from any one of our global brands.

PSG® Whitepapers

Meeting the challenge of transferring dangerous liquids without common pitfalls, expenses

Moving industrial fluids from one point to another is essential to the health of the worldwide economy. There are a variety of methods to transfer…

Positive Displacement Pumps Best Suited For Liquid-Transfer Applications

Pumping applications can range from being simple – fluid transferring operations that move product from one tank, container or truck to another – to complex…

Top Reasons to Choose Saniflex™ AODD Pump Diaphragms [Whitepaper]

The air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump has been a godsend for operators in the industrial space who need a cost-effective, reliable, and safe pump technology for…

Overcoming Clean-In-Place Challenges in Hygienic Applications with Mouvex® H-FLO Series Pumps

Clean-In-Place (CIP) Challenges There are numerous challenges that must be overcome when cleaning a hygienic pump installation. This is especially true when using a clean-in-place (CIP)…

Blackmer® MAGNES Series Sliding Vane Pumps Solve Legacy Pain Points

Introduction There are some things you just can’t avoid: death, taxes, and a pump’s common operational pain points- leaks, dry run, solids handling, cavitation-causing NPSH imbalance…

Challenges With Shaft Alignment In Chemical-Transfer Applications?

By Geoff VanLeeuwen, PE Introduction Plant operators expect pumping systems to be reliable, robust and resilient, especially in high-volume, heavy-duty chemical fluid-transfer applications. In reality, however, pumping…

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