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Tsurumi Pump | Built for Work

Tsurumi Pump is a leading manufacturer of submersible and engine driven pumps, generators, and process equipment. Tsurumi was founded in 1924 in Osaka, Japan, and expanded overseas in the 1960’s. This led to the official opening of Tsurumi (America), Inc. in 1979.

Tsurumi (America), Inc. introduced a team of seasoned, expert dealers, distributors and rental houses. Through this extended distribution network came the ability to ensure customers are given the kind of individual attention, support and consultation they need, when they need it.

Tsurumi pumps are manufactured using only the most durable components, and they feature patented, cutting-edge technology to make them one of the most reliable, trustworthy pumps on the market.

The combination of these factors has led to remarkable successes in many fields, including construction, civil engineering, mining, industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, sewage treatment, flood remediation, and more.

Tsurumi Whitepapers

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The AVANT™ MQ Series Brochure

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Tsurumi Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing an Impeller

This video shows you how to change the impeller on an HS3.75S and HSZ3.75S pump with a few tools. You can do this at home…

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Tsurumi Step-by-Step Guide to Changing a Cable

Check out this Tsurumi Pump step-by-step guide on how to change a cable on a Tsurumi HS series pump. A step-by-step video explanation on how to…

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