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Wireless Vibration Sensor

The Kappa X triax sensor measures vibration and temperature. It combines unrivaled wireless technology, a replaceable battery, IP69 rated, and a market-leading 10kHz FMax fault detection capability within a compact footprint.

Sulzer Improving reliability and efficiency

Improving reliability and efficiency

Contributor:Jennifer Cardillo, Marketing and Communications Manager Americas, Rotating Equipment Services, Sulzer Precision repairs from Sulzer’s service center in Buenos Aires Design expertise…

Sulzer The radial steam turbine powered a Canadian pulp manufacturing plant

Rare Radial Steam Turbine Rejuvenated

Contributor: Sulzer Precision reverse engineering resolves vibration issues Overhauling a steam turbine as part of a planned maintenance schedule is a regular…

Sulzer Academy offers participants hands-on training for pumps

Hands-on pump training

Contributor: Daniela Haldenwang, Marketing Manager, Rotating Equipment Services, Sulzer Sulzer Academy shares expertise in operating and maintaining pumps Learning about the operation…

Sulzer specialist electromechanical repair facilities

Sulzer keeps cruise liner on course

Contributor: Claudia Proeger, Marketing and Communications, Rotating Equipment Services, Sulzer Management Ltd Propulsion problems resolved after demanding overhaul of 19 MW…