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Since 1946, Crane Pumps & Systems has been designing and manufacturing pumps, accessories and systems to provide solutions for municipal water and wastewater, residential, commercial, industrial and military pump market segments. 

Our trusted brands include Barnes®, Burks®, Crown®, Deming®, Prosser® and Weinman®.

Crane Pumps & Systems is one of four strong business units that make up Crane Co.’s Fluid Handling segment. Crane Co. is a diversified global manufacturer of engineered industrial products traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CR). One of its segments, Crane Fluid Handling, provides highly engineered products for fluid handling applications worldwide.

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Gravity Sewer Systems Conventional gravity sewer systems collect wastewater from homes and transport it to a collection line by allowing gravity to force the flow of…

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Learn about the major differences between gravity sewer systems and pressure sewer systems. This whitepaper discusses how municipalities can reduce costs, install a pressure sewer…

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