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Founded in 1933, the FLUID SEALING ASSOCIATION® (FSA) is an international trade association. Member companies are involved in the production and marketing of a wide range of fluid sealing devices primarily targeted to the industrial market. FSA membership includes a number of companies in Europe and Central and South America, but is most heavily concentrated in North America. FSA members account for a majority of the manufacturing capacity for fluid sealing devices in the Americas market.

Our Mission is to be recognized as the primary source of technical information; to influence and support the development of related standards and to provide education in the fluid sealing area. To promote a safe, clean environment for society and a safe work place for our employees. To monitor the economic, environmental and social changes which may impact our membership’s business and to maintain a forum for the exchange of this information.


Fluid Sealing Association® Whitepapers

How do variable speed drives impact mechanical seals?

Author: Henri Azibert, FSA Member The use of variable speed drives (VSD) has become increasingly more prevalent in an effort to improve the energy efficiency of…

API 622: Valve Packing for Fugitive Emissions

Contributor: Mark Freeman FSA Member, EGC Enterprises, Inc. The American Petroleum Institute (API) has developed two commonly used standards designed specifically for the petroleum industry. They…

Know Which Mechanical Sealing Options Meet Emissions Requirements

Contributor: Fluid Sealing Association In today’s world, facilities face the daunting challenge of minimizing the environmental impact of industrial processes. A primary motivation for industrial plants…

What is the impact of reliability on the sealing system energy footprint from pump shut down, repair and re-commissioning? Last of Four Parts

This is the last of a four-part “Sealing Sense” series that has provided guidance on the best practices to minimize the size of the sealing…

What is the Sealing System Energy Footprint for Removing Diluents from the Process Stream? [Fluid Sealing Association Whitepaper, Part 3 of 4]

This whitepaper from the Fluid Sealing Association provides guidance on best practices to minimize the size of the sealing system energy footprint. The first article…

What is the Sealing System Energy Footprint for Controlling Process or Barrier Fluid Temperature? [Fluid Sealing Association Whitepaper]

In this whitepaper from the Fluid Sealing Association, this piece provides guidance on best practices to minimize the size of the sealing system energy footprint.…

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