Crane Pumps & Systems Announces Launch of PGPT Turbine Grinder Pump

Crane Pumps & Systems
Crane PGPT Turbine Grinder Pump

Crane Pumps & Systems Announces Launch of PGPT Turbine Grinder Pump

Crane Pumps & Systems, an innovative manufacturer of pump and accessories, is excited to announce the launch of their Barnes PGPT Turbine Grinder Pump. Backed by the dependability and longevity of the Barnes reputation in submersible pumping, the PGPT Turbine Grinder Pump is the newest extension of the PRO Grind series. The PGPT has market leading head output combined with superior cutting technology providing the best possible solution for the most challenging commercial, residential, and industrial wastewater environments.

The PGPT operates at only 12.5 max amps using a 1 horsepower oil- filled motor, but produces the cutting power of over 400,000 slices per minute. The lower amp draw allows the unit to work on a standard 15 amp protected line. This eliminates the need to upgrade the electrical system or control panel.

The hydraulic design of the PGPT features the high head of the turbine style impeller along with our exclusive Slicerator™ grinding system, making it a superior option over the progressing cavity style and other centrifugal pumps. For added longevity, an abrasion resistant coating is applied to the volute and stainless impeller, giving it an added layer of protection against finely chopped solids travelling through the passageways.

The efficient operation of the Barnes Slicerator™ radial cutting technology reduces the torque required to process solids. The cutter uses hardened stainless steel cutting blades in a staggered position against a cutting ring. This exclusive design prevents clogging with particularly troublesome objects such as plastic, strings, ropes, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers and cloth items.

For a home owner, facilities manager, or professional plumber that needs a dependable high head, low amp grinder pump, the Barnes PGPT is an excellent choice. Crane Pumps & Systems prides itself on best in class lead times through CBS/lean manufacturing processes in its facility in Piqua, Ohio, USA.

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About Crane
Crane Co. is a diversified global manufacturer of engineered industrial products traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CR). One of its segments, Crane Fluid Handling, provides highly engineered products for fluid handling applications worldwide.

Crane Pumps & Systems designs and manufactures pumps, accessories and systems to provide solutions for municipal water and wastewater, residential building, commercial building, industrial and military pump market segments. Our trusted brands include Barnes®, Burks®, Crown®, Deming®, Prosser® and Weinman®.

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