APG Digital Pressure Gauges

APG Digital Pressure Gauges

APG Digital Pressure Gauges aren’t your standard dial gauges or their digital equivalent. Their digital pressure gauges offer a host of programmable functions to make your job easier. With APG pressure gauges you can get:

  • Programmable units of measure and custom multipliers so you can monitor in psi, bar, head, lbs, or practically anything else.
  • The option to tare out an existing pressure so you can monitor only the change.
  • The peak hold function to monitor just the highest peak in pressure, and the min/max feature to toggle between the highest and lowest points.
  • A bar graph in addition to the digital read out for a better understanding of how the pressure relates to your application’s range.
  • A signal output for adding input to a control system.
  • Trip points for simple alarm/control functions.
  • And a lot more accessible through the gauge interface & simple 3 or 4 button navigation.

Most of all, their digital pressure gauges are known for providing accurate measurements for many years. Use the product information request below to learn more!



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