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10 Popular Pump Industry Apps

Charli's Blog

10 Popular Pump Industry Apps

We have all heard Apple’s trademarked phrase “there’s an app for that” and this rings true even in the Pump Industry. The Pump Industry is embracing the use of apps on smartphones and tablets for a variety of reasons.
Whether it is to help new members of their workforce or to make day-to-day tasks easier to perform, apps give us quick access to information and processing power that used to take more effort and time to obtain. Below are some of the highest quality apps we have found to be popular in the Pump Industry.


  1. Blacoh Mobile App – Get pump drawings and quotes directly from your smart phone or tablet using Blacoh’s Mobile App. This app gives you access to the company’s “speed quote” system so you can get answers to your pump-related questions fast.


  1. Electric Calcs – Offering 30 useful electrical-themed calculators, every pump professional working with electrical systems will find this app to be invaluable, as it includes calculators for AC, DC, impedance, Ohm’s law, and much more.


  1. Flatness App for ALiSENSOR LEVEL – If you currently own the ALiSENSOR™ Level hardware, then make sure to download this app, which works wirelessly with GLOi AB’s alignment equipment to enable you to measure geometries in a highly efficient manner.


  1. Fluid Mechanics – Covering 125 topics related to fluid mechanics, this app from Easy Engineering gives you access to diagrams, equations, and detailed info about subjects including but not limited to centrifugal pumps, dimensional analysis, cavitation, mechanical seals, and much more.


  1. Laser Align – Learn about key laser shaft alignment concepts using this app from Ludeca Inc. This app offers short flex and spacer shaft tolerance tables in addition to a thermal growth calculator and soft foot assistant. It’s a fantastic reference tool for helping end users with shaft alignment of rotating equipment.


  1. PhasePro – Enhance your machine condition monitoring processes using this app from GTI Spindle Technology, Inc. This app gives you the ability to select different types of configurations and record the 1X phase as well as amplitude values for different measuring points. Please keep in mind that the app needs a full accelerometer, phase sensor, and DAQ box for vibration readings in order to work.


  1. Pump Calcs – Get 30 pump related calculators developed just for fluid machinery professionals. Ths app performs equations that can be used for the design and selection of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, electric motors, and other related machinery components.


  1. Pump Codes – If you have a Gilbarco, Tokheim, or Dresser-Wayne fuel pump or dispenser, this app is for you. It will automatically look up any error code the pump or dispenser gives you without having to call tech support or consult a manual. Just look up the name of your product, error code, and the app will do the rest.


  1. SEEPEX – If you currently operate progressive cavity pumps, this app from SEEPEX provides valuable information about these types of pumps. This app also offers a cost-savings calculator, which compares potential cost savings you can achieve by using their Smart Conveying Technology as opposed to a conventional progressive cavity pump.


  1. Tubing & Hose Selector – Looking to fit your pumps with a tube or hose? The app developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions makes choosing the correct tubing and hose simple based on your input parameters, which include pressure and material. Stop searching through catalogues to get the data you need. Request samples using this app and review detailed product descriptions from Trelleborg.

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