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Building Automation for Pumps

Charli's Blog

Building Automation for Pumps

Building Automation Pump Basics

Building automation is the term for the automatic centralized control of a building’s HVAC, lighting, plumbing, and other systems through the use of a building management system or using a building automation system (BAS). The objective of building automation pumps is improved operation of building systems, increased occupant comfort, and a decrease in operating costs in part due to reduced energy consumption.

Building Automation Pump Systems

Increasingly utilized in larger facilities, a computerized central station is the heart of a BAS because it monitors and controls processes such as air conditioning, heating, and water supply. The system often comes with electronically controlled pumps that can be easily integrated, which increases convenience and conserves energy. Because each building has its own needs and usage requirements, building automation systems and their pumps must be optimally matched in order to profit from minimized installation costs, improved operating costs, as well as guarantee a high level of security against system failure.

Pumps Used in Building Automation Systems

These advanced pumps offer incredible alternatives for developing building automation systems. Given the advances in automation technology, there are many different interaction techniques used in developing these automated systems. Here are a few automated pumps that can be used in a BAS.

Water supply pumps – Water intake varies by type of structure including educational institutions, hotels, factories, medical centers, and many others that often need versatile systems which meet certain individual requirements. These specialty pumps usually offer efficient stress enhancing, rainwater and domestic water utilization, fire extinguishing water, and even raw water intake to ensure reliable drinking water is delivered to all floors and areas of a building, even to high-lying faucets.

Sewage and drainage pumps – Waste water selection and transportation play a critical role in both conserving resources and protecting the environment. However, ongoing difficulties can interfere with working conditions for pumping systems and require new and innovative solutions to improve procedures. These pumps are designed to effortlessly collect and transport wastewater and other media and drain it through standard or pressurized drainage.

Air conditioning and heating pumps – In order to manage the environment accurately and maintain the heat range, air flow, and moisture, a building may have different heating and cooling needs based on its purpose, from medical to manufacturing. These types of pumps often are high-efficiency and energy-saving in glandless and glanded versions, have lifting units for condensates, and come with advanced controls and pump regulators.

For More on Building Automation Pumps

Intelligent pumps for building automation systems – Dr. Stephan Greitzke is the head of the electronic development department at Wilo. In this paper, he examines electronic intelligent pumps and explains how frequency converter technology acquires production data and adds to energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient technology for the entire building – This eight minute video from Siemens explains what building automation is, as well as its benefits. This includes how to save 30% in operating costs using an efficient HVAC system and other related products.

Integration of High-efficiency Glanded Pumps in Building Automation – This article in Impeller Magazine discusses the BASs that are used in larger properties and how the systems contribute to increasing the comfort level for those inside, in addition to boosting the operating reliability and efficiency.

2016 AHR Expo – The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition is brought by International Exposition Company in Orlando in January 25 – 27, 2016. It is intended for all HVACR professionals from contractors to manufacturers to senior management. Included in the expo is a Building Automation & Control Showcase dedicated entirely to building automation, climate controls, energy and facility management systems, wireless monitoring systems, and other BASs including lighting controls, fire alarms, security, and more.

Make sure to visit the Empowering Pumps at AHR Expo Booth #2595.  Also, make sure you see these exhibitors



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2 responses to “Building Automation for Pumps”

  1. Evan Hog says:

    Sounds great! I have been reading a lot about smart homes and this seems to be one of those. But just curious, what about maintenance of the pumps and pipes, especially during extreme cold, does the system handles it all on its own, or it generates timely alarms in case of clogged pipes?

  2. Charli K. Matthews says:

    I would say it depends on the system. I know there are programs to set alarms to alert warnings if their is a problem and also predictive alarms to warn before work is needed.

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