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Grundfos presents a full range of hydraulic designs for all contamination levels found in complex urban wastewater

Grundfos presents a full range of hydraulic designs for all contamination levels found in complex urban wastewater SESL

Grundfos presents a full range of hydraulic designs for all contamination levels found in complex urban wastewater

By: Grundfos

Grundfos has launched the new and innovative Open S-tube® impeller to complete the range of hydraulics available for the renowned SE/SL wastewater pump range. Open S-tube® impellers are based on a semi-open hydraulic design that delivers the highest level of performance across all wastewater applications.

The pump is at the core of any wastewater transportation network. As the world’s largest pump manufacturer, Grundfos continues to develop and improve pump design to meet the ever-changing requirements of wastewater. Urban wastewater in particular is increasing in complexity, with components such as suspended solids, organic matter, oils and greases, fibers and polymers and other substances presenting new challenges. Moreover, extreme weather conditions increase the variation of rainfall and the chance of flooding.

Grundfos addresses these challenges with a new hydraulic design and material variants that increases the reliability and durability of the pumping solution while reducing operation and maintenance costs.

“Our new Open S-tube® semi-open impellers provide high efficiency over a wide operating range and can be trimmed to meet a specific duty point,” explains Mikael Nedergaard, Global Product Manager.

Grundfos presents a full range of hydraulic designs for all contamination levels found in complex urban wastewater SESL (1)

“SE/SL pumps fitted with Open S-tube® impellers are the ideal solution for pumping wastewater with medium to extreme levels of contamination.” The addition of the Open S-tube® impeller completes the range of hydraulic offerings for

SE/SL pumps, which also includes:

  • S-tube® closed impellers with one or two channels, which provide a large free passage and high efficiency and are ideal for low to medium contaminated wastewater
  • SuperVortex free-flow impellers, which are ideal for challenging applications with high abrasives content or long fibrous materials

In addition, Grundfos now offers hydraulic parts executed in high chromium white iron. This ferrous alloy combination provides a very good wear resistance compared to other metallic materials and better abrasive resistance than cast iron.

Greater reliability and lower total cost of ownership

Maintaining a high level of reliability for wastewater pumps requires a continuous focus on improving hydraulic design and material choices. With a relentless focus and by setting new standards, Grundfos makes further reductions in downtime for the pump possible.

“When we design a new pump or new hydraulics, we collect feedback from customers about their most challenging applications. We use advanced in-house simulations, product design and test programs to optimize operation and efficiency and make sure we meet the challenges faced by our customers. And then we carry out component and product testing for functionality, reliability, and durability. This is followed by testing in challenging installations around the world prior to market release,” explains Mikael Nedergaard, Global Product Manager, and elaborates:

“Starting with a quality pump at the core offering trouble-free operation, we add the benefits of energy savings, system optimization and lower total cost of ownership. Increasingly, our solutions are digitally enabled, to exploit further the benefits of smarter asset management in a truly connected system.”

Since 1945, Grundfos has made it easy for operators and owners of water and wastewater networks to improve reliability and take advantage of synergies when scaling up operations. Grundfos continues to challenge what can be expected from a pump in a wastewater network.

“Pump uptime and functional performance is central for keeping cost of ownership low, because unplanned callouts and breakdowns are very costly, potentially a risk to the environment and highly inconvenient for our customers,” says Mikael Nedergaard, Global Product Manager, Grundfos.

“That is why we push the limits of what is possible for hydraulic concepts in a simple and robust design, with self-cleaning capabilities and reduced wear and tear of components. An example is how the quick and easy replacement of worn parts restores the pump to original factory performance, and this helps reduce operating costs and downtime even further.” Grundfos is committed to sustainability, and this approach not only keeps customers’ fully compliant with all regulatory demands; it also enhances their own sustainability profile.

Full hydraulic range for SE/SL wastewater pumps

With the new Open S-tube® impeller completing the range of hydraulics available for the SE/SL wastewater pump range, Grundfos has applied a design focus that meets complex wastewater challenges and ensures:

  • Reliable operation with optimized wastewater flow
  • High wire-to-water efficiency
  • Many customization possibilities
  • Easy and predictive maintenance

SE/SL pumps are available in multiple versions from 1 to 30 kW/1.5-42 hp. These pumps can handle drainage and surface water, domestic, municipal, and industrial wastewater, and process water. They are designed for water and wastewater transportation from water utility, commercial and industrial applications, and are ideal for network pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants.

In addition to the many versions, SE/SL pumps offer a wide range of customization options, such as EMC screened cables, test reports, certificates, etc. To extend suitability for corrosive and aggressive applications, material variants are available for impellers and hydraulic wear parts in cast iron, and optionally in duplex stainless-steel and white iron. Advanced surface coatings are also available.

The SL range is for submerged installation and the SE range for dry and submerged installation. Grundfos offers a complete package of monitoring supported by service offerings to reduce downtime in the system and save time and costs in operations. These include dedicated variable speed drives (Grundfos CUE), controls for larger stations and controls for stations with a maximum of two pumps.

With a Grundfos monitoring and control system such as Grundfos Dedicated Controls, the information required to maintain and optimize a wastewater system is on hand for effective alarm handling, surveillance, and scheduling of workflows.

Water Utility applications generally have significant maintenance needs. That is why Grundfos approaches service with both traditional and connectivity-based services. SE/SL pumps are designed with easy service in mind and include easy-to-install components with fail-proof replacement, when required.

SE/SL pumps come with a range of sensors built-in that monitor the condition of the pump and the installation to ensure optimal and reliable operation. All signals from the pumps can be monitored on the local pump station controller or sent via Grundfos communication units to a SCADA system, or to a smartphone or tablet.

To ensure correct sizing of the SE/SL wastewater pump with the optimal hydraulic solution, use the sizing tool available on Grundfos Product Center,

For further information about the Grundfos SE/SL range and the Open S-tube® impeller, please contact your local Grundfos representative or visit our website

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