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Letting Innovation Flow

Engineering & Design
Wilden 60th Anniversary

Letting Innovation Flow

Anyone who has ever founded a company will tell you that innovation is a key ingredient to the success and growth of the company. However, for many companies fully adopting an innovative philosophy goes no further than their Mission Statement. When this occurs, these companies may never achieve their full potential or might even end up closing their doors forever. In contrast, companies that do embrace innovation are often the ones that find a tremendous amount of success, often times becoming market leaders and remaining at the forefront of their industries while leading the way into the future.

Wilden is one such company. Established by Jim Wilden in 1955 in a walnut grove in San Bernardino County, CA, USA, Wilden is a company born in the arms of innovation. As the inventor of the air-operated double-diaphragm pump (AODD), Wilden created an entire new air pump industry and established a precedent of pioneering new technology. Since its inception, the company has introduced a constant flow of new innovations. These innovations have not only catapulted positive displacement pump and air distribution technology into the future, but have also helped Wilden become the worldwide leader in AODD pump technology.

One innovation that Wilden prides itself on is the development of leading-edge Air Distribution Systems (ADS). Over the years, few pump developers have taken a more proactive approach to the design and performance of the pumps ADS than Wilden. In the past 60 years, Wilden has introduced a number of air distribution systems, all with the purpose of maximizing air consumption so its pumps could operate more effectively and efficiently. This commitment to maximizing air usage advanced Wilden’s AODD pump performance to the next level with the creation of an Efficiency Management System (EMS™) for the ADS. This is personified in Wilden’s standard-setting Pro-Flo X™ ADS.

pump-topWhat separates the Pro-Flo X from its competitors is the incorporation of an EMS that allows the user to interactively select, via a variable control dial, the proper flow rate and air volume for the application, in the process optimizing both production and air usage. Utilizing an ADS with an EMS allows the operator to adjust the amount of air that flows into the pump, with the idea that when the air flow into pump is collaborated with the required flow rate, the pump will operate consistently at its most efficient point – resulting in that “best of both worlds” condition where both flow and energy use are optimize.

In 2013, Wilden brought its AODD pump performance to an even higher level with the launch of the innovative Pro-Flo® SHIFT ADS. This latest innovation represents a significant breakthrough in energy efficiency as industrial plants work to reduce air consumption as well as their carbon footprints. Thanks to its revolutionary design, the Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS allows Wilden AODD pumps to achieve up to a 60% savings in air consumption over all competitive AODD pump technologies, while providing more product yield per standard cubic foot per minute (SCFM).

While the Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT dramatically improves energy efficiency, it also costs 50% less than an electronically actuated ADS, is submersible, and features plug-and-play operation. Its robust design makes it ideal for use in harsh operating environments and includes ATEX compliance for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Pro-Flo SHIFT has few operating parts, which equates to less downtime and simple maintenance. With no electronics, its design is well suited for the harsh environments typically found in industrial applications.

In addition to inventing the first AODD pump and developing cutting-edge air systems, other product innovations from Wilden include the invention of the first ball valve pumps, AODD pumps with plastic housings, food-processing pumps with tri-clamp connections, groundable plastic pumps, PTFE diaphragms, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) diaphragms, lube-free pumps, Equalizer Surge Dampeners, pump cycle monitors (PCMI) and bolted pumps with flanged connections.

pump-bottomMost recently, Wilden launched the Advanced™ FIT line of AODD pumps that feature superior flow rates and easier installation compared to other brands. FIT pumps precisely “FIT” bolt-to-bolt” and pipe-to-pipe in existing fluid-handling piping systems to provide increased performance with no repiping necessary. They have been engineered to be an easy, cost-effective way to enhance and upgrade existing pump performance with superior bolted product containment.

Wilden is also extremely proud to be the innovators behind many state-of-the-art diaphragm technologies. With the largest selection of AODD diaphragms in the world, Wilden diaphragms are engineered to optimize the performance of Wilden AODD pumps and help ensure that every unique application is fully met with the best possible diaphragm. These diaphragms include such innovations as the Wilden Full-Stroke PTFE, Full-Stroke IntegralPiston Diaphragm (FSIPD) and EZ-Install.

While innovation is at the core of every Wilden employee, innovation alone does not make a company great. Wilden is also deeply committed to the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction and market knowledge. By keeping these values in mind, Wilden will continue to set the standard in operation and performance. As all great companies do, Wilden will remain driven by a spirit of invention and innovation, the same philosophy that has made it successful for the past 60 years.

For more about Wilden product innovations, please visit

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