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Look How Far We’ve Come

Industry News
Charli K. Matthews and Megan Hyche 5th anniversary

Look How Far We’ve Come

Author: Megan Hyche, Social Media Maven for Empowering Pumps


Megan Hyche, Social Media Maven for Empowering Pumps

Empowering Pumps celebrates its 5th anniversary this month, and I’ve been with the company since the beginning. Charli Matthews, the President & Founder, has this wonderful way of growing people without them even realizing it. I have been one of the lucky ones to work with her and thrive as a result. As we rejoice in the success and expansion of Empowering Pumps, I can’t help but think back on some of my favorite experiences.

  1. At the 2014 AHR Expo, I experienced a lot of firsts at this show – first trade show, first time on a business trip, and first time really seeing what Empowering Pumps does in action. I loved being able to witness how the sales and networking process happens at a show. This was also when we launched Empowering Valves, so it marked our first venture beyond the world of Pumps. Not to mention, it was a memorable moment for all attending because a blizzard struck New York City, covering the city in a foot of snow.
  2. In December 2013, Empowering Pumps reached 1 million monthly social media impressions. Charli and I were in awe when we saw this statistic in our analytics. It was a huge “WOW” moment for me. Knowing that this many eyes were on something that I created reassured me that I was doing something right and Empowering Pumps was becoming a “Big Deal”. We have maintained this level of impressions and it has become a statistic that we refer back to in our media kit, during the sales process, and when explaining our company’s impact.
  3. Our recent trip to Pump Summit Americas 2016 in Houston was another big turning point for Empowering Pumps. Charli had been excited about this show for a year and it was cool to see the first ever #PSAM come together. More importantly, it’s where we revealed the big Empowering Pumps brand and website re-launch. I loved seeing how excited people were on social media and in person for this big change. Our team has grown, and though we don’t all work in the same main office, I really felt like our team was complete. All of us were together and really confident in the roles we played at Empowering Pumps.
  4. In the first few years, only Charli and I attended tradeshows, but at the 2016 AHR Trade Show, this was the first time I experienced having an entire team at an event. We had enough people to really work a show, with multiple salespeople and enough manpower to rotate who stays at the booth. All of us walking in together really showed me how far the company has come.
  5. In October 2014, we launched Empowering Tips. This was a real turning point for me because this gave me a chance to share my digital media knowledge on my own platform. It gave me the feeling of being a leader in the company rather than a follower. Not everyone knew who was writing the Tweets and Facebook posts for Empowering Pumps, but this network put a name to the posts and allowed me to share the lessons I’ve learned.
  6. Empowering Pumps got its first Social Media Clients in May 2014. This opportunity showed me that not only was I doing a good job for Charli, others would want me to run their social media platforms as well. Perhaps more importantly, it showed that Empowering Pumps was being recognized as a leader on social media. It was a new challenge for me to expand my skills and expand the range of services that Empowering Pumps could offer companies.
  7. While the Pump/Turbo Symposium is always a big show for us, the 2014 TPS event felt especially important. Our company name was everywhere at the show; Charli was speaking on digital marketing, and the show truly felt like our own “Cheer’s” where everyone knew our name. At some shows, we have an opportunity to explain what we do to a new audience, but it’s great to be among people who understand what we do as a company.
  8. My capabilities expanded in November 2014, when I began uploading articles to the Empowering Pumps Website. Up until that point, all my professional experience had been on the social media side; so I loved being able to spread my wings and learn about website design and SEO. It gave me the chance to see Empowering Pumps in a new light, to read the articles more in-depth, and learn more about the pump industry.
  9. I had been writing social media posts for the Fluid Sealing Association® for a while, but after attending the FSA Fall 2015 Meeting, it was totally different for me to see what the association does in person. It was a vast contrast to the trade show experience. Also, I was able to give a report on the work I was doing to the entire FSA Marketing Committee. This showed me that what I do really does pay off.
  10. On April 9, 2013, Charli invited me over to her house and wear red in celebration of Pump Appreciation Day. I had only worked with her for a few months, but it was one of the first times I felt like I was part of her team rather than just carrying out a task. I learned that it’s not just business working with Charli. She loves a reason to gather friends and business associates together.

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