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Making the Connection to Clean Water for Thousands

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Making the Connection to Clean Water for Thousands

A major reseller of refrigerators in northern Mexico sought a partner that would help the company address the national need for clean water.

The company is a leading distributor of appliances to Mexico’s expanding middle class. Known for its quality of service and priced right products, it wanted an add-on water dispensing system to supply icemakers and water taps for top brand refrigerators.

A 2011 study by the Inter-American Development Bank underscores the demand for trusted water sources in the market. The study reported Mexicans consume about 127 gallons of bottled water per person a year; more than four times the bottled-water use in the United States, and more than any country surveyed.

With clean water both an ongoing concern and a cost for consumers, making sure every drop purchased can be enjoyed to the utmost is important to families. The company determined that a system using a water source that consumers trusted would be the ideal solution to supply the on-demand water systems of its popular brands of refrigerators.

A solution right at its doorstep

In looking for a partner to flawlessly deliver clean, potable water, the leading appliance reseller selected the Flojet® Bottled Water Dispense System PLUS from Xylem. The decision couldn’t have been easier given that it’s the best selling bottled water system in the world. In fact, the Flojet brand of electric diaphragm pump technology has over 35 years of operational excellence and more than 7 million units in service.

In fact, a market survey found that the Flojet® Bottled Water Dispense System PLUS was already in use across the country in many convenience stores where bottled water was used with coffee makers.

The long service life and smart features of the Flojet® Bottled Water Dispense System PLUS also satisfied important checkpoints for the company – it had to be easily manageable for consumers and at the same time had to deliver the reliable service that the resller has built its reputation on.

With more than three decades of experience in Mexico, the Flojet system was certainly up for the challenge. Considered the ‘go to’ source for reliable pumps that are easy to use, Flojet bottled water systems are working every day in more than 175 countries, serving 2 million cups of coffee a day and more.

The Flojet® Bottled Water Dispensing System PLUS was designed to pump purified water from commercially available 5-gallon (or less) containers. The system delivers under pressure to an individual faucet, the water inlet of a refrigerator or to commercial coffee and tea dispensing systems; also to water dispensers, icemakers, or any other application where portable potable water is needed.

When the Bottled Water Dispensing System PLUS suction wand is inserted into a water container, it activates the float switch that turns on the electrically powered pump. This same float switch shuts off the system when the bottle is empty, a true differentiator that eliminates the chance of any damage to the appliance from running dry. And when water is restored, the pump automatically restarts. The wand also has a built-in back flow prevention valve that stops water from running back into the bottle or spilling out when adding a fresh bottle.

The Flojet® Bottled Water Dispense System PLUS is compact and can be easily installed next to a refrigerator or hidden under a counter with the bottled water container. The pump comes with 20 feet of ¼ inch tubing that have quick connect fittings that deliver clean water sooner.

Sound-deadening, rubber-footed buffers on the Flojet® Bottled Water Dispense System Plus give it whisper-quiet operation, while its long life motor insures years of service.

The Flojet system’s reliable, quiet operation and ease of use only made the decision easier for the leading appliance reseller. That the pumps are environmentally responsible, using only 27 watts of power at open flow, (moving a gallon per minute) and eliminating the need to dispose of 300,000 water filters annually, made the selection a winner.

In a country where an expanding middle class demands convenient access to fresh water delivered from leading appliances, the Flojet® Bottled Water Dispense System PLUS was the ideal choice for the reseller. Local consumers now have a reliable and trusted source of water flowing through their refrigerator dispense systems and by combining the Bottled Water Dispense System PLUS to the sale of refrigerators, the Northern Mexico’s leading appliance reseller is enjoying new profits for their businesses.

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