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Empower your business with profitable efficiency

You base your business on cost efficiency and performance. You know that everything counts to make you more competitive. ABB drives are made with all this in mind. They are flexible for you to optimize all your processes and control, and reliable for less downtime. You also get premium service, responsible solutions and expertise at your disposal, anywhere on the globe.

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Active Front End Drive Technology

Active front end drive technology is recognized by many in the industry as the best technology for overcoming harmonic challenges. This paper details two hardware…

ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for powertrains

ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring service for powertrains optimizes the performance and efficiency of rotating equipment. It enables full transparency on key parameters for drives, motors,…

EC Titanium™ Beyond EC efficiency & performance

EC Titanium motors are a highly efficient integrated motor drive that combines synchronous reluctance and permanent magnet technologies for a sustainable, wirelessly connected solution that…

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