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CFturbo is headquartered in Dresden, Germany, with a major office in New York City, New York, and is supported by global network of distributors. Dedicated to turbomachinery design and related engineering services in design of rotating machinery, fluid flow and heat transfer, CFturbo has become a partner with worldwide respect in the turbomachinery community over the last ten years.

Our conceptual design software CFturbo is the most user-friendly system available on the market. The software can be used to design axial, radial and mixed-flow pumps, fans, blowers, compressors and turbines, as well as for diffusers, stators, return channels and volutes including secondary flow path modeling.

CFturbo offers a number of turbomachinery engineering services including aerodynamic and hydraulic designs, CFD- and FEA-simulation, rotating machinery optimization, mechanical design, prototyping and testing.

CFturbo Whitepapers

Design And Investigation Of A Multistage Axial Contra-Rotating Fan

[caption id="attachment_31072" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Figure 4: 3D geometry of the fan[/caption] The development of a multistage axial fan using contra-rotating wheels at each stage is described…

Optimization of an Axial Pump using CFturbo, Simerics and optiSLang

The workflow presented here describes the fast and cost-effective optimization of an axial pump with modern software tools. Motivation Turbomachinery design is still very complex and time-consuming…

Detecting Potentially Unstable Cavitation Modes with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis

INTRODUCTION Cavitation is a thermodynamically non-reversible process defined as the formation and subsequent collapse of vapor bubbles caused by the drop in pressure in the fluid…

A Complex Approach Using Splitter Blade Impellers To Improve Centrifugal Pump Performance

This work presents the results of complex research of changes in the hydraulic, stress-strain state and dynamic characteristics of the double-entry single stage pump (specific…

Non-Propeller Propulsion System for a Human Powered Submarinewaz

[caption id="attachment_29085" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Figure 7a (Left) : CAD model of Impeller Module; Figure 7b (Right): Cutaway view of Impeller Module[/caption] Background The International Submarine Races (ISR)…

Design and Analysis of a High Speed, High Pressure Peroxide/RP-1 Turbopump

In the past, hydrogen peroxide bipropellant rocket engines were reserved for limited performance applications such as propulsion for rocket-assisted take-off (RATO) or sounding rockets due…

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