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Since its beginnings in the fluid sealing industry SEPCO (Sealing Equipment Products Co., Inc.) has remained a consistent quality and service leader, making strategic acquisitions and introducing new products; including being among the first to introduce a cartridge mounted mechanical seal.

Used in a wide array of applications, SEPCO’s high performance solutions include mechanical seals, compression packings, graphite products and gasketing materials. The company also specializes in die formed packing rings, molded PTFE parts, thermal management solutions, and fiberglass products.

From their state of the art manufacturing campus in the southeastern United States they serve a diverse group of customers such as power generation, pulp & paper, chemical processing, mining, nuclear, aerospace, and water/waste treatment.

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, SEPCO supplies these markets through an extensive worldwide network of authorized distributors in over 30 different countries.

The company’s mission is to align itself in partnership with those organizations that are driven to reduce the total cost of their fluid sealing and operational programs and improve their level of environmental responsibility. SEPCO helps to advance these initiatives by improving equipment reliability, reducing inventory and identifying areas of excess water and energy consumption.

Full engineering, technical support, and training are available to customers at the SEPCO training facility or on location at the plant site. The company offers numerous programs such as water utilization studies, MTBR (mean time between replacements) product tracking with the “SAM” system (SEPCO Application Management), and direct/indirect TCO cost reduction initiative documentation.

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