Empowering Pumps & Equipment’s #KnowledgeShared video series: The Hydraulic Institute

Hydraulic Institute

Empowering Pumps & Equipment’s #KnowledgeShared video series: The Hydraulic Institute

Charli K. Matthews, CEO & Founder of Empowering Pumps & Equipment, hosts a live video chat with three members of the Hydraulic Institute. Joining this discussion in the third part of this #KnowledgeShared video series is Executive Director of HI, Michael Michaud, Technical Director, Pete Gaydon, and Denielle Giordano, Director of Marketing & Events.

Listen to their 30-minute conversation to get an inside look at what is happening currently in the world of the Hydraulic Institute and all the ways they continue to add value to the Pump Industry – even as the coronavirus continues to impact the industry.

Hear about what HI is up to in terms of online training, continued work on pump standards and U.S. DOE Regulations, PSAP and Test Lab Certification, Energy Rating Labels, Women in the Pump Industry, the PILOT Program, and more!

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