Pump Refit Solution for Dewatering Company

AllightPrimax creates Pump Refit Solution for Cherokee Dewatering

Pump Refit Solution for Dewatering Company

Cherokee Dewatering, a construction dewatering and treatment firm for deep well installations, well point systems, pump and tank rentals and groundwater treatment systems, had been looking for a reasonably-priced jet pump to meet their new branch needs in Miami, Florida. The AllightPrimax sales and engineering team went to work on delivering an equipment solution to suit Cherokee’s specific application.

The Primax range of pumps from AllightPrimax has been developed to help owners/operators select the technologies which are most likely to improve project safety, efficiency and productivity. Much of Primax’s success has stemmed from smart priming systems which improve fluid handling efficiencies and greatly reduce maintenance requirements.

AllightPrimax had recently designed and released the new economy line of dewatering pumps CP3, CP4, and CP6. These units are built on a lighter frame with a smaller HDPE fuel cell designed for smaller projects that do not require a 24 hour run time.

Doug Bartholomew, AllightPrimax Sales Manager of North and South America, suggested to Gert Inja, AllightPrimax Engineering General Manager, that Primax could refit an existing CP6 unit in stock with an HH80 pump end that would fit the application perfectly.

Bartholomew explains that “We knew that Cherokee needed something delivered quickly and the price of a full HH80 high pressure pump was not in their budget.”

Inja confirmed two key points: (1) the HH80 and the CP6 utilize the same bearing frame; and (2) the existing engine would provide enough power for jetting wellpoints; thus confirming the proposed modification would in fact work perfectly for the application.

The construction of the value skid and trailer put the unit at the perfect price point for Cherokee’s budget. Primax set out to get the pump end switched out and shipped in only 3 days.

In addition to creating a custom solution for Cherokee, Primax went above and beyond to provide the equipment in Cherokee’s colors. Cherokee had just chosen a proprietary color for their new branding campaign at their Florida branch to set them apart from the competition. Fortunately, the Primax team was already in the process of building a bypass unit in a sound canopy and had the color for powder coating to match. Color was matched perfectly and the team got the unit shipped in time to meet Cherokee’s requirement. This is how the HH3, a new pump specialized for jetting, was born!

AllightPrimax always works to add value for customers, old and new, by providing innovative solutions. As with the inception of this new pump model, the AllightPrimax team will strive to partner with every end user to provide solutions over sales.

For more information on the range of PRIMAX pumps available, visit our website www.allightprimax.com or call +1 704-587-3377 to speak to one of our dewatering experts.

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