Schneider Electric Introduces Altivar Process Variable Speed Drives

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Altivar Process VSDs

Schneider Electric Introduces Altivar Process Variable Speed Drives

We’ve recently shared this amazing video on the value of water management and the exciting new developments from this year’s WEFTEC. One such innovation that caught our attention is the tech behind Schneider Electric Altivar Process Variable Speed Drives, which are sure to be a game changer in the world of pumps.

This different way of thinking connects both mechanical and electrical components through the use of real time system and equipment condition monitoring. It allows users to improve process optimization by letting them control items like energy consumption and peak process efficiency, the benefits of which include lower operating cost and increased life cycle.

Although there are other variable speed drive technologies out there, Schneider’s Altivar is the first to offer embedded intelligent services. These digital services include power measurement and energy dashboard, process monitoring and control, pump curves (easy to set 5 points curve), start and stop function, asset monitoring and protection, integration with embedded Ethernet, and easy maintenance.

Built for process applications from 0.75 kW – 1.5 MW, real-time asset performance data instantly detects efficiency drifts and reacts before it impacts the bottom line. According to Schneider, the resulting benefits include:

  • 20% reduction in down time
  • 8% savings compared to the use of standard drives
  • Up to 50% in energy savings when compared to a direct on line (DOL) motor starter

Users can also experience better energy efficiency through the use of the Altivar power measurement feature which provides data on consumed energy and even power drifts. A customizable alarm system that is IEEE519 complaint alerts users when their power quality drops, helping avoid penalties.

System and equipment condition monitoring allows users to reduce total cost of ownership by anticipating system failures. Downtime is reduced and events are tracked throughout the entire life cycle. This sort of maintenance technology also results in safer onsite conditions as well as reduction in labor and repair costs.

“This is increasingly important as utilities are facing pressure to support the integration of a growing number of distributed energy resources such as wind and solar power generation and electric vehicles,” said a spokesman for Schneider Electric in a press release. “ADMS now provides enhanced planning capabilities that enable utilities to optimize capital expenditures in the reinforcement and automation of distribution networks. “

To learn more about Schneider Electric Altivar Process Variable Speed Drives , click here:



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