Improving services through digitalization


Improving services through digitalization

By: Danfoss

Contributor: Danfoss

Prevention of downtime, faster recovery from failures, optimized system performance; as a plant or site manager are these theoretical scenarios, visions for the future, or are they realities made possible now. Thanks to DrivePro, Danfoss Drives offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, improved efficiency, extended lifetime of your drives, reduced downtime, and overall peace of mind for our goals that are readily achievable today. Digitalization and the internet-of-things play valuable roles in providing this range of support lifecycle and value-adding services. Millions of Danfoss drives have been installed worldwide; these drives interact closely with their surrounding systems and processes. They are embedded with the electronics and software and connected to the sensors and actuators that allow them to collect and share data, data that can help you maximize performance and also save energy and minimize emissions.

Your drives are constantly being monitored. The system and backup data collected are visible by all related parties whether in the office or on the factory floor. The same data is also visible to your maintenance personnel and simultaneously to Danfoss service teams or to third-party service providers for remote monitoring purposes. In a fraction of a second, it’s possible to see for example if there’s something wrong in the plant, alarms can be assigned and service requests can be channeled to maintenance personnel. This data is vital for improving performance, reducing downtime, and by providing a channel for remote monitoring, making the service delivery much more efficient.

The level of information can be as simple or as detailed as you need. The solution contains many different views, just drill down through the views to get to the data you need. The factory site-level view gives you an overall view of your installed base. The machine room view shows the individual real-time status of drives and their availability. This view also allows you to check back through the entire status history of a drive right back to when it was commissioned. Daily energy consumption rates are shown allowing you to quickly and simply make energy calculations. The individual drive level view offers you a real-time view of selected key measurements and availability. The trends view draws trends on selected key measurements and metrics. The drive alarm history view displays the fault history and the connected data logger files which show selected key signals and measurements in a microsecond. The analytics view gives you the capability to analyze and visualize the collected data with advanced statistical tools, it contains all the measurements and all the parameter values in the drive throughout its lifecycle. This vital backup information can be used to restore parameter sets if you’re ever forced to change the hardware. Danfoss Drives is at the forefront of taking advantage of all the possibilities that the Internet of Things has to offer to further enhance our range of drive pro services. We’re working hard every day to develop solutions that use the data that’s readily available in order to deliver reliable economical and energy-efficient performance to our customers’ applications and processes.

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